How do I license your music?

Most licenses are dealt with direct, so just contact us or your local agent (see contacts page) and we’ll sort things out.   If you’re in the UK and are a broadcaster or Independent Production Company, our music is covered by most MCPS license agreements for production music.

We also offer online licensing for certain uses via our online license manager, which can be accessed direct from our music page.  Simply add tracks to the basked and then follow the checkout process.

How do I access your client site and those exclusive 'industry-only' releases?

If you’re a trailer-house, studio or creative agency involved in film-trailer production, we keep our industry-only releases on our Source Audio client site.   Please sign-up here for access.

Do you put all your music on your website?

All music on general release is available via our website.  Certain brand new material is released on an ‘industry only’ basis to clients in the film-trailer industry only.   This music is available via our client site only.  If you’re a trailer house or creative agency who would like access to our industry only releases, please sign-up on our client site.

I’m a UK broadcaster or production company, is your music covered by my MCPS blanket agreement?

Yes, absolutely. Our catalogue can be used just like any other UK production-music company’s. Simply sign-up for an account and you’ll be able to download full broadcast-quality files for the tracks you need, including cut-downs and stems.  Or get in touch and we’ll sort things out and send you links direct.

Can I download your music?

All registered users are able to download any of our tracks in both MP3 and broadcast quality WAV format.   Unregistered visitors are able to stream music only.

Please be aware that although our music can be downloaded for free, this does not grant the user any rights to use it in productions of any kind, without the purchase of the appropriate license. We’re enormously grateful to our visitors and clients for respecting the hard work of our composers and the copyright of our material.

How much does it cost to license your music?

Most licenses and rates are agreed direct on a case by case basis.  Every project is different and budgets vary.  We want our music to enhance your production, and our ethos is to always try and accommodate prospective clients wherever possible, so please contact us for a quote.

For UK productions, use of our music will often be covered by existing MCPS blanket agreements for production music.  Otherwise licenses can be purchased via the PRS for Music License Manager.

Outside the UK, we have a network of agents who can help you arrange licensing for your project.  Please see their details on our contact page.

How do I use your audio player and manage my tracks?

Browsing Music

Click on an album to audition it in our audio player. Or browse by category, genre, playlist etc. using the shortcuts in the left hand panel. Use the search box to search by style/keyword, composer, title or instrumentation.

Stems, Alt Versions, Related Tracks

In the track-list, use the drop down arrow on each track bar (far left) to audition alternative versions, edits and stems, and to learn more about the track.   The ‘Related Tracks’ will bring up a list of tracks which are of a similar feel or genre.

Playlists (requires account), Likes and Shares

Click the ‘+’ button in the tracklist to add a track to your personal playlist.  Create a new playlist or add to an existing playlist.  To manage your playlists, click the ‘playlist’ link in the header bar.   Create or delete playlists, remove tracks, save settings etc.

Use the share icon either in the track bar (to share individual tracks), or in the upper album panel or playlist page, to share links to playlists or albums.  Share via social media or email.

Download Tracks (requires account)

From either the main player track-list, or within any of your playlists, or from the large player bar (bottom of screen) simply click the download button to download.   Stems and alternate versions can be downloaded in the same way.

Packaged zip files for each track are also provided, including all versions and stems for that track.  Click the drop-down arrow (far left of track bar) then select the zip download to the right of the tabs.

Full, broadcast quality wav files are made available when a license is purchased, or for blanket agreement holders (PRS/MCPS and certain overseas PRO’s).

Add Tracks to Basket and Purchase a License

Click the basket icon by any track in your playlist or in the main audio player window or player bar.  When you’re ready, click the basket icon in the header bar, and then ‘License Tracks’.  We’ll guide you through the licensing process using a simple wizard.

Which territories do you supply music to?

We have agents in place who cover most of the principal territories around the world – please find details here.

In the event that you’re located somewhere we’re not represented, please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange licensing direct.

Under certain circumstances you may also be able to use our online licensing system to purchase a license in your territory, but we would always recommend you get in touch first.

How does licensing for film trailers work?

All trailer licenses are agreed on a quote request basis.  Please contact us or your local agent for a quote.

Can I license music from you on an exclusive basis?

We offer industry pre-releases of our albums, and are always happy to discuss exclusive use ahead of release, if this suits or is a requirement of your project. Please get in touch.

Once released, our production music catalogue cannot be made available exclusively – it’s one of the rules of production music. If you need music which is exclusive to your production, you could consider a bespoke composition, which we’d be happy to discuss.

Do you offer ‘blanket agreements’ to production companies/broadcasters?

Yes. Although our catalogue is still small, we’re happy to make blanket terms available to users who feel they might like to use our music on a regular basis. Please contact us.

In the UK, our music is covered by MCPS/PRS For Music blanket agreements for Production Music.

Do you offer bespoke compositions and how much does it cost?

Yes, we’re always happy to provide commissioned music for specific productions. Timing and cost will depend on the availability of composers and the nature of production you need music for, as well as length and style of piece etc. Please contact us if you feel your project would benefit from a bespoke composition.

Am I allowed to use your music on my personal Youtube channel?

It is possible to purchase a commercial online license, which would also cover any personal use.   However, we’re currently not able to offer personal Youtube licenses via our online licensing system, which is geared primarily towards commercial users.

If there is sufficient demand for personal, non-commercial and non-monetized Youtube licenses, this is something we may offer in the future.  However, inside the UK we are governed by the PRS’ rate system for online use which would restrict us from offering separate licenses.

Are you recruiting composers at the moment?

We’re always happy to listen to great dramatic music and provide feedback, always receptive to composers who bring something truly original and inspiring to the trailer-music genre. Although we’re not actively recruiting new writers at the moment, we always have new releases in the pipeline and if you think your music will blow us away, we’d love to hear it.

What are Stems and how can I use them?

In order to offer producers and editors maximum flexibility, we offer stems for all our tracks.  Stems are the component parts of each track (drums, sound-design, synths, brass, strings etc.), separated out so that the track can be ‘rebuilt’ or ‘remixed’ to suit the requirements of your project.

So, if the sound design is interfering with voiceover, you’d prefer not to have percussion in the intro, or all manner of other scenarios, you’re able to re-shape the track to your exact needs.

Stems are unmastered, in order to preserve the sonic integrity of the individual parts, so you can re-combine to recreate the original unmastered mix, and then master where necessary to fit the project.

We provide this functionality in good faith and, needless to say, stems may not be used without authorisation for projects not explicitly covered by a license.

Is this ‘royalty free music’?

No, it’s pretty much the opposite of royalty free.  Our music is carefully, professionally and laboriously crafted and produced, vetted and revised by in-house supervisors, to ensure that we deliver only outstanding tracks suitable for synchronisation to visual media.   We specialize in music specifically designed for film trailers, but  it’s also suitable for TV spots and in-show use, video game promos and other media that demand exceptional dramatic cues. Each track is written by a composer with extensive experience in writing for visual media, often recorded with live musicians, sometimes a whole orchestra, and professionally mixed and mastered to the very highest standards.  It’s packed with meticulous attention to detail, endless hours of creative passion, brutal self censorship and obsession with perfection.  No corners cut.

Each type of use requires a specific license, which can be purchased direct from us, our overseas partners, or (in the UK) via the PRS License Manager.

Can I purchase a license and check out even if I don't have a user account?

Yes, our website supports checking out as a guest, and a fully approved user account will be automatically created once you have completed a transaction.

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